Kolweb Media Internet Services is specialized in providing high quality webhosting services to demanding customers. What makes us different from other
webhosting companies is the fact that we offer every customer the same superior support, no matter how big or small the customer is.
Therefore, making and keeping all our customers satisifed is what we always strive for.
Especially our network design that aims at top availability and performance at all times has been the primary reason for our customers' satisfaction . Every server is connected to a 100 mb/s full duplex switch port which in turn is connected to our core routers via dedicated gigabit ethernet connections. All our core routers connect to our upstream providers via gigabit ethernet lines. Thanks to this network design we have been providing our customers with virtually uninterrupted service (~100% uptime).

When taking a look at our highly competitive hosting packages you can see that high quality hosting does not necessarily cost a fortune. We want our customers to enjoy the rare combination between top quality and affordable prices.

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